Firm News, Spring 2007

John H. Rogers, a partner of the firm and current Massachusetts House Majority Leader, received two major honors in January 2007. John received the “Beacon of Justice” award in recognition of his long-standing leadership in support of civil legal aid for low-income people. The award, presented by the Equal Justice Coalition, the Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation and civil legal aid organizations across the state.

John was also appointed Chairman of the Massachusetts House Committee on Child Abuse and Neglect. The Committee will conduct a comprehensive investigation of the care and protection provided to children in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

At Rudolph Friedmann, John specializes in Business Transactions, Construction Law, and Civil Litigation

RF Attorney Involved in Malden Mills Case
Herbert Weinberg, our bankruptcy specialist, has been representing the Town of Methuen regarding its claim for $1.5 million for back property taxes, water and sewer fees and a bond. Malden Mills recently filed bankruptcy, alleging it was $130 million in debt. Methuen officials are hopeful of getting paid in the bankruptcy and retained Herb to protect the obligations to the Town. Two companies so far are interested in buying Malden Mills.

Jim Rudolph and Jim Singer will be giving a presentation to which members of the Associated Builders and Contractors and the Gould Institute will be invited on the subject of extreme importance to those in the construction industry “Getting Paid; Lien Claims, Bond Claims; Attachments and Other Ways to Expedite the Process”. The date of the seminar will April 18, 2007. If this interests you, please call Karen at the RF office for further information.

New Members of the Firm
Priscilla McMullen has joined the firm as our part-time Marketing Director in November 2006. Priscilla has extensive experience in law firm marketing and communications and, prior to joining Rudolph Friedmann, has worked with a number of Boston-based law firms in establishing their marketing departments and served on the board of the Legal Marketing Association of New England. Early in her career, Priscilla was director of development and chief administrator at international charities in which she remains actively involved in fundraising and serving a board member.

Anthony de Luca recently joined the firm as Runner/Clerk. Anthony was Lead Screening Officer at the TSA at Logan Airport in Boston prior to joining the firm. In conjunction with working at the firm, Tony is currently working towards an art degree, concentrating on photography. He is also experienced in yoga, a special way of propelling a gondola through the water, a skill mastered by only a few.