Intellectual Property, Trademark, and Patent Law

Intellectual property is valuable and needs to be protected. We can help. At the law firm of Rudolph Friedmann LLP, we understand the value of intellectual property, from name brands, to logos, to inventions, and more. We know how to protect those assets and help you leverage them to grow your business.

The first step in keeping your intellectual property safe is often registration with the appropriate entity. Our lawyers know how to register a trademark or copyright and know how to conduct patent searches and secure a patent for you. Our team will assist you with completing and filing all of the necessary paperwork. We will interact with the relevant office on your behalf to ensure that your intellectual property is secured.

Our attorneys can also help maximize the value of your intellectual property by guiding you through the process of licensing it to other businesses. We can consult with you and help you negotiate contracts and agreements that are in your best interest.

If your intellectual property becomes threatened, we will fight to protect it. If you feel someone is using your ideas, or if someone has accused you of doing the same, we will stand by your side. We understand how to handle trademark and copyright infringement cases. We know what to do if another business is using an item you patented without providing the relevant compensation. We are willing to pursue your rights in court when necessary.

At Rudolph Friedmann LLP, our patent, trademark, and copyright lawyers are available to assist inventors, individuals, and businesses in Boston and throughout Massachusetts and New England.

Contact Managing Partner Jim Rudolph at 617.723.7700 for an initial consultation or contact us online.

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