Insurance Defense

Insurance Claims – Identifying Risk – Dispute Resolution

At the law office of Rudolph Friedmann LLP, we have decades of experience in insurance law matters, and our attorneys are ready to put their knowledge to work as defense counsel for your insurance company. Whether you insure accountants, lawyers, architects and construction professionals, or other businesses, we can help. From offering guidance on policies and identifying potential liability issues, to standing up for you in the courtroom against insurance claims, we will be by your side.

Our attorneys are available to offer your insurance company guidance on the following matters and more:

  • Risk management: identifying liability issues
  • Review of insurance claims: professional malpractice and other claims made against your insured parties
  • Insurance claim litigation: defending the rights of your company in trial for construction litigation, malpractice litigation and other insurance disputes
  • Mediation or arbitration: assessing insurance claim disputes and providing recommendations to either move ahead with trial or explore settlement via alternative dispute resolution (ADR)
  • Appeals: pursuing or defending against insurance claim appeals
  • Insurance policy and coverage reviews: risk management analysis, review of ambiguous language

At our law firm, we are dedicated to helping your company do what is right for your clients and run a successful insurance business. We are committed to providing our clients with the same level of experience and knowledge you would expect from a large firm, combined with the level of personal service and reasonable fees that are typically associated with smaller firms.

Contact Managing Partner Jim Rudolph at 617.723.7700 to schedule an initial consultation or contact us online.

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