Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation and Arbitration in Eastern Massachusetts

Investing time and money in a courtroom battle is not the only way to resolve a legal dispute. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is often a viable solution for those with pressing legal issues. Whether navigating clients through a day-long mediation session or presenting a case to an arbitrator, our attorneys have successfully resolved matters without the need for trial in areas as disparate as divorce and business litigation.

What are mediation and arbitration?

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution in which a mediator helps both parties come to a resolution together. This procedure not only saves the time and cost of trial, but it also offers the opportunity to come up with creative solutions that may not be available through the traditional litigation path. It ensures that you have a say in the outcome. A court proceeding puts everything in the hands of a judge or jury, who may offer a resolution that favors one party or neither party. We are prepared to show you the many benefits of mediation for resolving legal disputes.

Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution in which an arbitrator plays a role similar to that of a judge. The results are just as binding as a ruling issued by a judge, but the amount of time and cost involved is significantly lower. As with mediation, working with an arbitrator may lead to a resolution that is preferable to what would be offered through the traditional judicial process.

We offer mediation and arbitration services in several legal areas, including:

  • Business disputes: Alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation or arbitration can be an effective alternative to business litigation.
  • Construction disputes: ADR methods like mediation can be especially useful in multi-party disputes, such as those that might arise during the course of a construction project.
  • Commercial and residential real estate disputes: Real estate disputes involving title defects, breach of contract, or other issues can be extremely time-consuming and expensive. Resolving these issues through mediation or binding arbitration can spare you the time, stress and expense of a trial.
  • Personal injury and medical malpractice: While most personal injury and medical malpractice cases are thoroughly prepared for trial, the majority are resolved before trial ever commences. However, having an experienced lawyer in your corner can ensure that your interests are fully protected in any negotiations or alternative dispute resolution proceedings.
  • Divorce and family law: People who are going through divorce, custody disputes or other family law problems have enough on their minds without having to worry about how a judge will decide these important issues. Family mediation takes away some of the uncertainty and emotional strain of divorce litigation.
  • Other areas: There are countless advantages to pursuing alternative dispute resolution in other legal areas. Our attorneys are fully prepared to pursue ADR in any case if it is in our client’s best interests.

To speak with an attorney experienced in mediation and arbitration, find out more about the process, and determine if mediation or arbitration are applicable to your situation, call Managing Partner Jim Rudolph at 617.723.7700 or contact us online.

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