Adam Shafran and Robert Rudolph Present Employment Webinar on February 15

Adam Shafran and Robert Rudolph presented an employment webinar “Do This, Not That: Navigating Complex Legal Employment Issues in the Food and Beverage Industry” for the Massachusetts Restaurant Association (MRA) on February 15. Details about the webinar are below. If you were unable to attend, you can download the recorded webinar.

When it comes to employment issues, knowing what to do and when to do it can be difficult – and missteps can result in costly litigation. Join Robert and Adam for this informative and engaging session on employment law. Get the latest legal developments and work through some of the most challenging problems facing the food and beverage industry.

Robert and Adam will present hypothetical situations that illustrate what to do and what not to do in various circumstances. From discrimination, harassment and wrongful discharge allegations to Wage Act violations, NLRA, ADA and FMLA issues, you will learn about the approaches and tactics that can be used to avoid employment claims and mitigate the matters that do arise. Attendees will benefit from the attorneys’ collective experience defending employment claims and counseling organizations on preventive strategies, and their experience representing employees in a range of employment cases, with a focus on wage and hour class actions. The speakers will highlight areas where employers may be most vulnerable, including actions brought under the “single integrated employer” theory.

Key Takeaways

  • How to respond to and successfully defend allegations of wrongful termination, discrimination and harassment
  • The key elements of the Massachusetts Wage Act, how to defend Wage Act claims and the strict liability and potential for treble damages it imposes on employers and their corporate officers
  • Recent developments concerning employee handbook rules and decisions by the National Labor Relations Board penalizing employers for well-intentioned rules that inhibit employees from engaging in activities protected by the NLRA
  • Limiting exposure to class action lawsuits and single integrated exposure for owners of multiple restaurants


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