To combat fraud by companies seeking to profit off government contracts and reimbursement programs, Congress and Massachusetts lawmakers enacted what are known as “False Claim” acts. The Federal False Claims Act (FCA) and the Massachusetts False Claims Act (MFCA) have similar purposes and are similarly designed, but they have distinct characteristics that set them apart. […]

The departure of key employees can be quite damaging to a business’ bottom line. It is not surprising that businesses go to great lengths and spend significant sums of money to keep those employees. Sometimes, those lengths take the form of additional pay and benefits to the key employee. In other instances, the measures take […]

Perhaps more than others, small business owners have found it difficult to weather the sudden and seemingly endless rounds of shutdowns, restrictions, moratoriums, and reopenings. With fewer financial resources at their disposal and a steady upward trend of new Coronavirus cases, even with the almost-tangible feeling of hope that arrived with news of an effective […]


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