It has long been the law in Massachusetts that a corporation (or even an individual) can, under certain circumstances, be held liable for the debt of another corporation. This is commonly known as “piercing of the corporate veil.”

A recent decision by the First Circuit will have vast ramifications for all restaurant owners in Massachusetts. In Matamoros v. Starbucks Corp., 2012 WL 5458443 (1st Cir. 2012), the Court held that shift supervisors (at Starbucks) did not qualify as “wait staff” eligible to participate in tips pools under provisions of Massachusetts Tip Act, M.G.L. […]

Rudolph Friedmann LLP Named 2013 U.S. Top Ranked Law Firm Rudolph Friedmann LLP is pleased to announce that we have been named a 2013 U.S. Top Ranked Law Firm by LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell. This honor is awarded annually to firms with a minimum of 10 attorneys, at least 1/3 of which have achieved an AV Preeminent […]

In the aftermath of the 2008 recession, the bursting of the housing bubble, and the decline in the value of real estate, governments have taken various steps to assist and support homeowners in keeping their homes. In early 2009, under the authority of the Financial Stability Act of 2009, the U.S. Department of the Treasury […]

By James L. Rudolph It’s around this time of year when the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer, and the air is crisp with the smell of a new semester that students all throughout New England, and particularly in this college town, begin to return from Summer Break to resume their studies. […]

By statute in Massachusetts, a negligence or other tort action for damages arising out of any deficiency or neglect in the design or construction of an improvement to real property must be commenced within three (3) years after the cause of action accrues (that is, when the property owner discovers or has sufficient notice of […]

There have been several noteworthy changes to Human Resources laws in Massachusetts in 2010. All employers should be sure they are up-to-date and educated on the recent changes in the laws. The following are highlights of the important changes in Human Resources laws over the last year.

Super Lawyers Congratulations to Rudolph Friedmann LLP attorneys named to the 2010 Boston Magazine list of Super Lawyers: James S. Singer, James L. Rudolph, Robert H. Shaer and Jonathon D. Friedmann. Condo Documents Amended Jay Worthen of Rudolph Friedmann recently amended condominium documents for a commercial condominium in Boston to allow the separation of the […]

By James L. Rudolph, Esq. In general, the courts in Massachusetts enforce valid no damage for delay clauses in contracts. However, in rare instances in Massachusetts the courts recognize three exceptions in which a valid no damage for delay clause may be set aside: (1) where a defendant’s acts are arbitrary or capricious; (2) where […]


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