Firm News

Jon Friedmann and Adam Shafran recently obtained approval in Suffolk Superior Court of a Class Action lawsuit for $6.5 Million on behalf of 450 trash and recycling haulers. It was a case of first impression in Massachusetts involving the interpretation of the Massachusetts Prevailing Wage Law.

Bobby Rudolph was recently appointed to the Board of Trustees of a 376-unit condominium building in downtown Boston.  He is looking forward to learning and contributing as the building undergoes a substantial multi-year renovation project.

Jon Friedmann, assisted by Kara McLoy, won a major Arbitration in April. Our client had been sued by a former employee who claimed to be entitled to 5% of the proceeds of the sale of the client’s business. The business was sold for $563 Million. So, the Claimant was seeking over $28 Million in damages. The Arbitrator issued a 20 page Decision totally exonerating our client and finding no monies owed to the Claimant.

Rudolph Friedmann is happy to announce that Joe Merlino and his wife, Molly, recently became proud parents to Ava Rose.  Joe and his growing family reside in Milton, MA.


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