Jim Rudolph Presents Owner’s Rights in Privately Owned Businesses, June 9 and 14

For anyone involved in a privately-owned company, where shareholders or members and decision makers are often one in the same – don’t miss this insightful program. Whether you are contemplating a private company as your business model or you are an owner in such an entity, you need a basic knowledge of the rights and obligations that are unique to this type of business. You also need to be well-equipped to handle the challenging situations that can arise among shareholders so you can act quickly when needed.

The firm’s Managing Partner Jim Rudolph has successfully litigated a number of high profile owner’s rights cases and will discuss:

  • The drawbacks of giving stock to key employees and alternative means of rewarding, retaining and motivating top talent
  • The fiduciary duty of utmost good faith and loyalty and what it means
  • Freezeouts, including lessons learned from several highly-publicized Massachusetts cases
  • The right to financial information and company records
  • Business valuations and appraisal rights
  • Issues for lenders and why they matter
  • Special litigation committees – what they are and why and when you might want to create one
  • Divorce planning
  • How to avoid legal disputes between owners

June 9 at 8 am
North Shore Chamber of Commerce

June 14 at 7:30 am
Gould Construction Institute


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