by Robert P. Rudolph, Esq. The Appeals Court of Massachusetts recently decided that an hourly employee who claimed that she was frequently pressured to work through her lunch break, which she took at her cubicle in the office, could sue her employer for unpaid overtime even though she did not record this extra time in […]

By Robert P. Rudolph, Esq. and Adam J. Shafran, Esq. After several months of public hearings on the new Earned Sick Time Law, the regulations have been finalized.  Beginning July 1, 2015, Massachusetts employees have the right to earn one hour of sick leave for every thirty hours worked, up to forty hours per year.  […]

As reported by the The Boston Globe, NECN, Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly and other media outlets, Jonathon Friedmann and Adam Shafran recently obtained preliminary approval of a .5 Million class-action settlement involving 450 employees of Allied Waste Services of Massachusetts, LLC, a trash disposal company.

Rudolph Friedmann’s Ashley Green recently spoke with Matt Siegel on Kiss 108’s “Matty in the Morning” about former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez’s murder conviction. Listen here:

By Robert P. Rudolph, Esq. On June 26, 2014, Governor Patrick signed “An Act Establishing a Domestic Worker’s Bill of Rights.”  Similar to comparable laws in New York, California and Hawaii, the bill extends work standards and labor protections to approximately 67,000 domestic workers in the Commonwealth.  The new legislation provides domestic workers with many […]

Pictured from left to right: (back row) Zachary J. Tuck, Anthony L. Leccese, James S. Singer, Robert P. Rudolph, Adam J. Shafran;( front row) Robert H. Shaer, Managing Partner James L. Rudolph and Jonathon D. Friedmann (not pictured: William A. Korman) Six attorneys from Rudolph Friedmann LLP have been named Massachusetts Super Lawyers for 2014 […]

By Robert P. Rudolph, Esq. Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 149, Section 152A explicitly outlines Massachusetts law regarding service charges, tips, tip pools and penalties for violation. The protections provided to employees by the statute cannot be waived by private agreement, so it is important for business owners in the hospitality industry to understand the law, […]

Covenants not to compete are generally disfavored. To enforce a non-compete, an employer must show that the covenant is necessary to protect a legitimate business interest, reasonably limited in time and space, and consonant with the public interest. This often requires individualized judicial consideration. And the matter is usually first presented to the judge by […]

Jon Friedmann, who heads up our Litigation Department, recently concluded an Arbitration involving the building of a camp for construction workers in North Dakota. Jon’s client was sued for refusing to pay part of the acquisition cost of the camp. He raised as a defense the failure of the Seller to properly build the camp. […]

By Robert P. Rudolph, Esq. A Massachusetts court recently held that a broker was entitled to her broker’s fee despite the fact that no lease was consummated. In Ria K, McNamara. Inc. v. Forecast Shrewsbury Ltd. P’ship. 31 Mass.L.Rptr. 366 (Mass. Super. July 17, 2013), the Plaintiff Ria K. McNamara (“McNamara”) filed suit for payment […]


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