Jon Friedmann and Adam Shafran recently obtained approval in Suffolk Superior Court of a Class Action lawsuit for $6.5 Million on behalf of 450 trash and recycling haulers. It was a case of first impression in Massachusetts involving the interpretation of the Massachusetts Prevailing Wage Law.

By James L. Rudolph, Esq. Many companies are initially organized as a “close” corporation, in which shareholders and decision makers are often one in the same. Under most state laws, the shareholders in a close corporation enjoy certain rights and have obligations that are unique.  Therefore, a basic knowledge of these rights and obligations is […]

While parties may believe they have an enforceable agreement where all parties or their counsel have signed a document, this is not always the case as evidenced by a recent case decided by the Massachusetts Appeals Court.

We are happy to report that Adam Shafran recently was engaged to Andrea Tyler. Andrea is from Edmond, Oklahoma. She graduated from Clark University in Worcester and is currently a Senior Compliance Analyst for Financial Engines, Inc. Jim Rudolph was recently elected First Vice Chair of the Associated Builders and Contractors of Massachusetts. Jim has […]

Usually, the right to make use of another’s land, such as for access, for parking, or for the installation and maintenance of a structure or utility line, is the result of a grant (either express or implied) by the owner to the person seeking such right.  In the case of an express grant, the parties […]

By Robert P. Rudolph, Esq. and Adam J. Shafran, Esq. After several months of public hearings on the new Earned Sick Time Law, the regulations have been finalized.  Beginning July 1, 2015, Massachusetts employees have the right to earn one hour of sick leave for every thirty hours worked, up to forty hours per year.  […]

As reported by the The Boston Globe, NECN, Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly and other media outlets, Jonathon Friedmann and Adam Shafran recently obtained preliminary approval of a .5 Million class-action settlement involving 450 employees of Allied Waste Services of Massachusetts, LLC, a trash disposal company.

By Adam J. Shafran, Esq. Under Massachusetts law, employees who work more than six hours a day must be allowed at least thirty minutes unpaid time for a meal break. A violation of the meal time provision is subject to fines between $300 and $600.

When an employer decides to terminate an employee, it may begin a chain of events that can have serious implications on the organization and its reputation.  The terminated employee will likely experience a series of emotions ranging from disappointment to a deep and personal animus towards their former employer.  These feelings, among other factors, may […]

Rudolph Friedmann’s Ashley Green recently spoke with Matt Siegel on Kiss 108’s “Matty in the Morning” about former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez’s murder conviction. Listen here:


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